Westfalia joined Greentable

Since 2021, Westfalia has become a member of Greentable, a German sustainable gastronomy initiative. We strive to improve the quality of our services.

Greentable e.V. – it is a platform that brings together restaurants, cafes and bars that strive to make their business sustainable. The initiative involves institutions from Germany and Austria, among the Belarusian restaurants at the moment only Westphalia has joined Greentable. 

Подробнее о Greentable

The essence of sustainable development is that the development of the present generation is carried out without prejudice to future generations. The concept of sustainable development includes three components: economic, environmental and social.

Restaurants, bars and cafes can also be sustainable and combine all three components.

  • The ecological component means taking care of nature, respecting resources, and reducing waste.

  • The economic component includes support for local businesses and looks at efficiency in terms of long-term and beneficial results from operations.

  • The social component implies active involvement in the life of the community and can be manifested in the support of socially vulnerable groups of the population.

Знак Greentable “

Sustainable Gastronomy ”means that the restaurant is environmentally friendly and meets certain sustainability criteria, which allows it to be part of the initiative.

Participation in Greentabe also gives our restaurant opportunities for networking and exchange of experiences among establishments.

Joining Greentable encourages us to pursue a green policy and further improve our services, making them more sustainable.

we have vegetarian dishes and several vegan positions on the menu, we also try to use seasonal products whenever possible, here you can find information on the origin of the products

we strive to reduce food waste by optimizing shopping, serving meals in small portions and using reusable dishes

we offer free filtered water instead of water in plastic bottles

on our website you can find all the information about our activities in the field of sustainable development, as well as the restaurant employees have been trained and can tell you more about the Greentable initiative

we use resources and electricity responsibly, we have an energy efficient dishwasher with heat recovery, the building has energy saving bulbs and some rooms have motion sensors

we strive to foster the initiative and interest of our employees by providing fair pay and growth opportunities

Restaurant Westfalia and the IBB Center, together with the hotel and conference center, are only embarking on a sustainable path. We are aware of what we have, where to grow and how many processes need to be transformed. But it’s just small steps that can already make a big difference. We are confident that IBB will soon delight its customers and partners with improved sustainable service.

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