Audience Dusseldorf

Audience Dusseldorf

Small rooms with a total area of 40-45 square meters are suitable for smaller presentations, lectures, seminars, training events, business games, talks, business lunches, etc. for the number of participants from 5 to 40 persons.

Strict business interior of the classrooms helps creating the working environment. White walls make it possible to do without a screen and project images right onto walls during various presentations and seminars.

Mobile tables and chairs allow varying the audience layout – furniture can be arranged to customer’s wish.

Additional equipment for events:

  • multimedia projectors, overhead projectors, laptops, screens;
  • TV sets, video and audio recorders, DVD-players;
  • camcorders, flip charts, whiteboards, stands, etc.

There is access to the Internet (WiFi), and a computer class equipment.

Some classrooms have individual exits to the patio.

Варианты рассадки


50 человек со столами


70 человек со столами


50-70 человек со столами

Круглый стол

50-70 человек со столами


~40 человек со столами

Столы группами

180 человек со столами


150 человек со столами


60-70 человек без столов


350 человек без столов


250-450 человек без столов


  • Laser projector panasonic pt-rz670be

The world’s first projector with the brightness of 6500 lumens, a laser light source dlp™ chip, and resolution of 1920×1200 with high accuracy of colour reproduction

  • Matrix switchboard

A high-quality matrix switchboard kramer vsm-4x4hfs with the functions of “video wall” and “multi-viewer” (displaying images simultaneously from 4 sources)

  • Screen

A high-quality wall screen of permanent tension elitescreens 226 with the size ratio of 16:10

  • Interactive system

A system via connect pro for working with images and allows turning a display of any device into the area for group creative work. participants can jointly draw and edit their content right on the screen, show presentations and videos from the internet, share files and communicate in the chat

  • Tribune

A speaker’s place equipped with a kramer-rtbus- 21/de/220v module for connecting external devices and a kramer-sid- x1n signal converter

  • Set for videoconferences logitech conferencecam cc3000e

A device “all in one” with support for high-quality transmission of audio and video in the hd 1080p format; it allows turning an ordinary conference hall or a classroom into place business video conferences

  • Laptops and multimedia projectors
  • Lcd tv set
  • Video audio and dvd equipment
  • Video cameras
  • Flip charts
  • Whiteboards
  • Stands (with fabric coating)
  • Audio speakers
  • Equipment for simultaneous interpreting (for up to 200 persons)
  • Sliders
  • Stationary wired microphones
  • System of conference microphones
Организация питания

Индивидуальное меню / блюда интернациональной кухни.


К услугам гостей 35 уютных номеров, которые соответствуют европейским стандартам.

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