Minsk, Gazety Pravda ave. 11 375 17 376-89-63
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The special coupon on visit of restaurant if you live in May 27.04.2018

The whole May we give the special coupon on visit our restaurant Westfalia!

If you live in hotel, then the coupon on single visit restaurant at a discount of 30% is provided to each guest.If you live in a hotel, each guest will receive a coupon for a one-time visit to the restaurant with a 30% discount.

* Discount extends to the main menu.
* Discounts aren't summarized, don't extend to the menu of bar and other promotional offers

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Minsk, Gazety Pravda ave. 11


GPS-coordinates: 53.9128, 27.3763


  • +375 17 376-89-63
  • +375 29 151-57-08

Conference Center

  • +375 17 207-49-45
  • +375 29 377-94-16


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                                          Westcatering                                                                             Minsk International Educational Centre named after Johannes Rau                                                                             Restaurant Westfalia